EL801A PES Optical System Fan-less LED Bulbs

Low beam 16W
High beam 24W
Lumen 2000LM
Size 58x58x110mm
Approved CE, EMC
Model H4, H7, HS1, H17
Voltage 12V only
Warranty 3 Years
Service Life ≥50000 hours
Material Copper base PCB, Aluminium Alloy Welding
Working Temperature -25~85°C
Warranty 3 Years

  • ECE R112, Sharp low beam cutoff line.
  • Compact High-Low Beam integrated PES Optical System.
  • No moving parts, Fan-less Design, quiet and reliable in operation.
  • 60% power saving, consumes only 16W for low beam.
  • Low beam has 34400cd at 75R.
  • Direct replacement to H1/H4/H7/HS1/H17 halogen bulbs, no drilling/trimming required for installations.

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