4 Connectors + Dual USB + Cigarette Plug Control Panel For lights

Part No. CS-464A1
Colors Black
Colors of indicator lights Red (off),  Green  (On)
Input voltage DC 12-24V
Waterproof IP65
Max Power 300W
Approved CE/ROHS/UL
Material ABS, nylon, aluminum plate resistant Fire
Weight 465G
size 13x10x7.5cm
Hole distance 10.5x8CM
Accessary Screws + stickers
application Car, Truck, steamer, Bus, Semi, RV
Working temperature -25℃-80℃

【Product advantages】:
[1] The product is a 4-position switch panel, including 4 switches, which can control the switch states of 4 electrical appliances at the same time
[2] The input voltage of the product is 12-24V, and all ships and vehicles of 12-24V can be installed and used, and the application range is very wide.
[3] The product is made of ABS high and low temperature resistant flame retardant environmental protection material, which can be used in an environment where the minimum temperature is -25° and the maximum temperature is 80°
[4] The product is equipped with a two-color indicator light, which is green when the power is off, and red when the power is on, which can effectively distinguish the use status of electrical appliances
[5] The product is equipped with a reset switch, which can be used as a horn switch or a water pump switch, and 3 non-reset switches, which can control the headlights and other electrical equipment on the car

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